50 Must-Read Green Engineering Blogs

Once thought of as the epitome of environmental devastation and atmospheric pollution, green activists have grown to embrace engineering as a means of curing the ills it once wrought. In all its varied incarnations – technology, architecture, civil, construction, materials science, transportation, energy, computers, and product design among them – the field of engineering has something to offer mankind’s quest to keep the planet as clean, safe, and sustainable as possible. The following blogs wonderfully illustrate how creative, innovative engineers are synthesizing their studies with the environmentalist movement as a means of bettering Earth for current and future inhabitants.

    1.  Green Engineering Blog at Design News : Design News editor-in-chief John Dodge weighs in on how engineering and technology can incorporate environmentally-friendly elements into as many projects as possible. Many of the other blogs on the site feature similar valuable content as well.

    2. Environmental Engineering Diary : Environmental engineer Arie Dipareza Syafei covers numerous aspects of his chosen field, serving as both a primer and introduction for newcomers and a sounding board for professionals. Many posts concern his graduate research into membranes.

    3. Environmental Engineering Blog : This multidisciplinary blog relates environmental issues and green initiatives back to engineering and technology, and posts touch upon a wide variety of related subjects. Politics, law, geology, and real estate all determine how environmental engineers develop products for a healthier planet.

    4. Environmental Engineering at Suffolk : Students and staff at Suffolk University discuss their personal projects as well as environmental engineering trends and topics from around the world. Most posts, however, understandably tend to focus on Massachusetts.

    windenergy5. Blogs at Smart Grid News : Smart Grid News hosts an astonishing number of resources on its blogs and main site alike. The blog section allows the resource’s analysts and editors to share their thoughts on the electrical, energy, and technological facets of engineering.

    6. Greenbuild : Every year, the Greenbuild conference hosts a blog to keep track of news regarding the event and the environmentally-friendly construction efforts of varying participants. Their 2009 blog may be found here, but the one for 2010 has – as of this writing – yet to emerge.

    7. Blogs at GreenBuildingAdvisor.com : Learn everything about the science and the art behind designing and building safe, sustainable residences that leave little to no negative impact on the environment through GreenBuildingAdvisor.com and its insightful companion blog.

    8. Blogs at the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, MIT : Most of the student blogs hosted by the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offer readers a peek into how the two disciplines intertwine and lead to limitless applications throughout the world.

    9.  environmental engineering : The environmental engineering blog at Science Blog serves more as a specialized news aggregator re-posting special interest articles from around the web rather than its own original content. However, this makes for one way for time-crunched readers to find stories they may have otherwise missed.

    10.  Green Technology : Green Technology looks at engineering and energy from an environmentalist’s vantage point. It hosts a slew of informative, insightful posts on the myriad ways in which engineers can create safe, sustainable, and Earth-friendly products and constructs.

    11.  Metropolis POV : The incomparable Metropolis magazine offers up a blog in addition to its regularly intelligent, creative programming. Book reviews, interviews, news, trends, and more make up most the content, which looks at a plethora of engineering applications – from architecture to automobiles.

    12. Jetson Green : As one of the most popular and respected resources on environmentalist engineering, Jetson Green melds creativity and innovation with science and structure to offer readers inspiration and information. The vast majority of content focuses on green residential and commercial buildings.

    13. EcoGeek : Fans of green initiatives do not have to sacrifice their love of technology in favor of stereotypically crunchy regression. As EcoGeek attests, engineering can nurture the environment just as much as it damages.

    14. The Green Technology Blog : Alternative energy, electric vehicles, and other hallmarks of the environmental movement are the main subjects of many a Green Technology Blog entry. Posts occasionally specialized language, so those unfamiliar with engineering terminology may find themselves lost at times.

    15. BuildingGreen.com LIVE : BuildingGreen.com was not joking when it added “LIVE” to its blog title. Editors of the site post updated news stories and sources almost as quickly as they break in addition to live coverage and reviews of green building events, books, projects, and products.

    16.  CleanTechnica : With posts targeting a broader, more generalized audience than other environmentally-friendly engineering and technology sites, CleanTechnica offers up news, views, and trends in a way that every visitor can appreciate.

    17.  Bright Green : Hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, Bright Green is actually a general environmentalism blog. However, it posts enough information regarding technological innovations and trends that propel the movement forward to render it worth reading as a resource on green engineering.

    18. Earth & Industry : Where once engineering and machinery were considered the enemy of environmentalism, many adherents to today’s surge in green initiatives embrace them as partners in the cause. Rather than ravaging the land, technology can help rebuild and maintain it thanks to the dedication of environmentally-friendly engineers.

    19.  Worldchanging : Engineering and technology, media, politics, and business and how they simultaneously influence and are influenced by the green movement comprise the bulk of the content at Worldchanging’s blog and website alike.

    20. Green Architecture and Building Report : Architect and LEED Accredited Professional Mignon O’Young weighs in on issues and trends regarding the design and construction of environmentally-friendly architecture that is both sustainable and affordable enough for general use.

    21.  Green Building Elements : Green Building Elements tailors its content to appeal to both LEED Accredited Professionals seeking discussions of current trends as well as homeowners who want to know more about buying or building a green living space.

    22. Ecolect Blog : Scientists and engineers working with or curious about the concepts and creativity behind green materials would do well to peruse Ecolect’s blog. Architects, builders, and designers are their target audience for the most part, though the materials themselves may prove to possess applications far beyond construction.

    23.  Cleantech Blog : Though broad in scope, Cleantech Blog generally leans heavily on articles regarding technological advances that work in conjunction with the environmentalist movement. No matter a reader’s level of experience or familiarity with the principles at hand, there are articles available for them to appreciate and enjoy.

    24.  Ecosteel : The Ecosteel team shares their green, sustainable construction projects for anyone interested in learning about how they apply environmentally-friendly philosophies and practices to everyday life. Green engineering can be artistic as well as practical.

    25.  GoodCleanTech : PC Magazine’s team of analysts, writers, and editors tackle environmental issues using their extensive collective knowledge of technology and engineering. They praise those who wisely use their resources in the service of humanity and the planet and challenge those who do not.

    26.  Autoblog Green : Hybrid vehicles have begun slowly trickling onto the roads, and Autoblog Green keeps readers up to date on latest developments in the engineering and technology behind them. Gearheads and greenies alike can both find something to appreciate about this blog.

    27. Earth2Tech : Green transportation, energy, architecture, information technology, and other facets of engineering are the main focus of Earth2Tech. Beyond the blog, the site offers networking opportunities, maps, research, and analysis as well.

    28.  Green Inc. : The New York Times hosts the Green Inc. blog to bring issues of the politics, engineering, business, and science behind traditional and alternative energy sources. Posts illustrate how these tie into the environmentalism movement.

    29. Alternative Energy News : This blog focuses on the search for viable alternative energy sources to preserve oil and coal resources and keep the atmosphere free of pollutants. Beyond that, the site also offers forums, news, job opportunities, a calendar of events, and directory.

    30. Maria Energia : Maria Surma Manka applies her PR background to blogging about alternative energy sources, with particular attention paid to the policies, breakthroughs, and the corporations behind the hunt for clean sustainability.

    31. Sun Powered Dreams : Author Fred S. Weiss has harbored a passion for solar power since 1977. As a companion piece to his book, he keeps an extensive, detailed blog on the subject with the occasional post on other viable alternative energy sources as well.

    32. MetaEfficient : MetaEfficient is an independent resource that reviews products and lifestyles based on their affordability, ease of use, toxicity, cost, and energy efficiency. Their dedication to providing reliable, accurate information helps consumers concerned with purchasing environmentally-friendly goods find exactly what they need.

    33. Karl Burkart on Green Technology : Karl Burkart of The Mother Nature Network updates readers on the newest, most fascinating developments in the burgeoning field of environmentally-friendly technology with a relaxed tone accessible to general audiences.

    34. Jim Motavelli on Green Transportation : Another Mother Nature Network feature, Jim Motavelli’s blog focuses not only on the expected discussions of the technology, politics, and demographics behind hybrid vehicles, but public transportation as well. Hardly surprising, considering that taking trains, buses, trolleys, or subways is one of the simplest measures people can take to minimize air pollution.

    35. Green Trust : Learn about renewable, sustainable resources and technologies with Green Trust. Run by an executive-level IT engineer, it digs deeply into all the machinations of a self-reliant, Earth-conscious lifestyle and offers tips for anyone curious about following suit.

    36. Real Life LEED : LEED Accredited Professional Joel McKeller helpfully offers up documents, news, and tips about the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. He works tirelessly to provide interested individuals with all the information and resources they need to create viable designs within the organization’s stipulations.

    37. DJC Green Building Blog : Affiliated with Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, Green Building Blog sticks mainly with environmentally-friendly construction efforts in the Pacific Northwest. However, reporter Katie Zemtseff will occasionally post articles from other areas as well as other aspects of the green movement.

    38. Crave on Green Tech : CNET UK presents Crave, a blog about gadgetry, technology, and the green initiatives that either love them or loathe them. Readers curious about what the environmentalism movement thinks of PS3s and other electronics would do well to explore what they have to say.

    39. EnergyRefuge.com : Dedicated to the promotion of renewable, sustainable resources, the bloggers at EnergyRefuge.com keeps readers abreast of developments in the field of alternative power sources as well as the green movement.

    40. The Renewable Energy Blog : Author M.N. Calristein writes extensively about energy sources renewable and nonrenewable, sustainable and unsustainable, clean and dirty. Insightful questions about engineering, science, politics, and business get raised in nearly every article. Be sure to check out the recommended book list as well.

    41. The Green Energy Blog : The Green Energy Blog seeks to educate and stimulate conversations regarding news, trends, and changes in environmentally-friendly engineering. They also pull back the curtain on many surprising hazards, such as cement.

    42. Strategies for Sustainability : Georges Dyer posts thoughtful, well-researched articles on sustainable technology, resources, and lifestyles with a particular eye for emissions, energy, and pollution issues. In addition, he recounts many of his own fascinating personal experiences as an environmental activist.

    43. Civil Solutions Group : Read the Civil Solutions Group blog for a detailed glimpse into how one group of civil engineers interweave green philosophies and sciences with their development projects. Beyond the blog, their short listing of case studies offers even more interesting information on their work.

    44. HybridCarBlog.com : Car aficionados with a particular affinity for environmentalism will find plenty to adore about HybridCarBlog.com. News, reviews, photos, trends, and updates comprise almost all of the content, with archives dating all the way back to 2004.

    45. Hybrid Car Review : This simple, straightforward blog is exactly what the title implies. Here, bloggers review and discuss the various makes and models of hybrid vehicles, peek into alternative fuels, and proffer up opinions on political issues related to them

    46. Hybrid Car News : Unfortunately, Hybrid Car News only offers articles about updates and trends regarding electric cars sporting environmentally-friendly parts and designs that end in 2008. However, its archives serve as a useful time capsule of information for those interested in green technology to look at how far the field has come.

    47. Go Green Toolshed : Engineering encompasses a wide range of disciplines – even the cloth used in creating garments require their knowledge of proper chemical treatments. Go Green Toolshed provides readers with an eclectic mix of articles and opinions on a wide variety of environmentally-friendly products and services.

    48. The Oil Drum : Oil and its byproducts have long existed as points of contention for the green movement. At The Oil Drum, writers painstakingly dissect the environmental and economic downsides to the continuous use of fossil fuels and explore more viable, renewable, and cost-effective alternatives.

    49. blog.green.tv : green.tv is a web-based broadband channel that devotes itself entirely to the environmentalist cause. Its blog carries over the same highly accessible, entertaining, and educational programming as the main site itself. Though broader than most green engineering and technology blogs, this one still devotes a generous amount of space to these disciplines.

    50. Greenbang : Environmentally-friendly businesses and technological innovations receive wonderfully detailed scrutiny at Greenbang. They generously offer a slew of fantastic articles, looking at everything from travel and transportation to some rather unusual stories. Everyone interested in some aspect of green engineering will find something appealing to his or her tastes right here in this amazing resource.

Regardless of whether or not one believes in climate change and global warming, almost everyone of any political affiliation can agree that taking care of the environment in a cost-effective, viable, and efficient manner is a goal worth pursing. These engineers – no matter their area of emphasis – are working tirelessly to apply their training and talents to the valuable cause of helping to beautify the planet and keep it healthy, safe, and sustainable for as long as possible.

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