Top 50 Marine Biology Blogs

If you have a love of marine life or a need to preserve the planet’s natural resources, you can find loads of resources on the internet. These top 50 marine biology blogs are written by everyone from students to experts in the field. With a simple read, they can give you a whole new appreciation for the science.

Top Marine Biology Blogs

Covering all aspects of marine biology, the below blogs are a must read.

    hawaiibionet1. Ocean Doctor : Dr. David E. Guggenheim is president of 1 Planet 1 Ocean as well as a consultant in conservation policy based in Washington, D.C. His blog is full of posts on expeditions, research, findings, and more. Be sure not to miss his travels across all 50 states.

    2. Deep Sea News : This top blog has been on the web since 2004. Dr. M, also known as Craig McClain, is the Assistant Director of Research at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center at Duke University. His blog is full of the latest marine biology news, expert opinions, and research updates.

    3. Cephalopodcast : Jason Robertshaw blogs about science, education, technology, and the oceans. He also serves as the technical director for a local children’s science show. In addition to the blog, you can also get podcasts and Squid Vids.

    4. The Ocean Channel : Stop here for an impressive video blog on marine biology. They have resources for learning, along with news and travel. Be sure to check out the “Cancer Killer in the Sea” entry.

    5. Underwater Times : Get a daily journal of line in and around water here. Jeff Dudas and others bring you all sorts of breaking headlines in the world of marine biology. You can get news, sections, exclusives, features, and more on this virtual newspaper.

    6. Scientific American : A quick search on this site turns up tons of blog entries and features on marine biology. There are also other science resources such as the latest news, expert information, and more. Be sure not to miss the 60 Second Science podcast for more.

    7. The Island of Doubt : James is a freelance journalist who also has a degree in marine biology. Recent entries are on policy making and science as a contact sport. He also links to inspirational items of interest.

    8. WATERlog : The National Aquariums in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. run this blog. Categories include aquatic life, dolphins, green tips, sharks, and more. They even post visitor’s images on the blog.

    9. The Reef Tank : Visit this blog for a number of marine biology posts. Categories also include marine science, climate change, aquarist advice, and conservation. A recent entry examined marine biology in fiction.

    10. Carnival of the Blue : Stop here for a monthly compilation of best in ocean blogging. Entries are gathered from across the web to this one, convenient place. They are currently working on issue 31 and counting.

    11. The Other 95% : Kevin is a researcher at the Duke Marine Lab and Marine Conservation Molecular Facility. His blog is dedicated to the appreciation of the underappreciated majority of life. A recent entry was on what to get a lover of marine biology for the holidays.

    12. I’m a Chordata! Urochordata! : J. E. Bynres is a lover of marine biology and posts all about it. Categories include ascidians, professional musings, and others. A recent entry featured one of his favorite forms of marine biology life.

Top Marine Biology Blogs By A Student

These blogs are written by those well on their way to become top marine biologists.

    13. Southern Fried Science : Several graduate students in various areas of marine biology blog on it. There are special resources for those interested in sharks or invertebrates. You can also take the “365 Days of Darwin” tour with them.

    14. FHL Marine Biology : This is a blog maintained by University of Washington students enrolled in the Marine Biology Quarter at Friday Harbor Labs. Blog posts are often on what they are learning and projects they are embarking on. A recent entry was on the difference between a dolphin and porpoise.

    15. Odyssey Expeditions : This website provides students of all ages to participate in their own marine biology adventure. You can stop by to view their photo book, community forum, and even voyage videos. There is even a learning center with more information.

    16. The Oyster’s Garter : Miriam Goldstein is a doctoral student at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The blog features whatever she finds interesting such as new science, invertebrate action, and geeky sci-fi fun. The latest entry was on the science of the garbage patch.

Top Fish Marine Biology Blogs

Check out the below marine biology blogs for a closer look at fish.

    papahanaumokuakeagov17. Blogfish : Mark grew up with fishing, became a scientist, and is now a conservationist. He also has blogs on his native area of Bainbridge and even a seafood blog. Posts are often on marine biology topics of interest.

    18. Fish & Aquatic News : Get the latest headlines in fish and related species here. Menu topics include tropical fish, anatomy, photo gallery, and more. You can also get information on every species from African Cichlids to Tetra.

    19. Native Fish Society : The NFS protects and restores native, wild fish and their habitats in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to their community of bloggers, you can also get the latest headlines in marine biology. Be sure not to miss Reality Check containing the latest in hard science.

    20. The Right Blue : Bobbie and Jerry are divers from Hawaii who blog on their thousands of dives. Fish are often featured players of their photography. You can also find pictures and information on dives with wrecks, sharks, turtles, and more.

    21. Odd-Fish : Visit this blog for a fish related comic strip. The strips use actual fish and their particular species and is a great tool for kids to learn marine biology. A recent strip was on “Manta Claus.”

Top Animal Marine Biology Blogs

Go beyond fish to learn about whales, sharks, and more in the below marine biology blogs.

    22.Whale of a Purpose : Jeanne shares her whale encounters with readers via blog. Encounters mostly involve Killer Whales and photos. Seals, birds, and other forms of marine biology are also featured.

    23. Orca Watcher : Monika lives in Washington State where she is primarily a whale and bird watcher. Visit her blog for impressive photos of all forms of nature. You can also view her exclusive photos on picasaweb.

    24. Shark Diver : Andy is a diving photojournalist specializing in shark and ray photography. Visit his blog for expert pictures, protection and diving information, as well as politics. Various species, along with images and information, are featured.

    25. A Sea Change : This blog poses the question of what would be done without fish or any other forms of marine life? Retired history teacher Sven Huseby is on a quest to discover what is happening to the world’s oceans. He is also having his journey made into a documentary.

    26. Monk Seal Mania : After Donna’s first encounter with a monk seal in Hawaii, she was hooked. Her blog is a gathering place for supporters of the animal and professionals to collaborate. Visit for pictures, updates, and more.

    27. Underwater Thrills : A community of bloggers post on swimming with the sharks. Thoughts on sharks and the shark diving industry are shared. They have also been featured in prominent publications and offer links to the pieces.

Top Research Marine Biology Blogs

If interested in the latest research in marine biology, visit these blogs.

    28. MarineBio : Stop here first for tons of resources on marine biology. They have sections on conservation, ocean life, deep resources, forums, and much more. You can also check out their blog.

    29. Blue Ventures Field Diary Blog : Blue Ventures is an award-winning marine conservation organization dedicated to conservation, education, and sustainable development in tropical coastal communities. Their blog contains the latest updates on their research. You can choose between loads of entries on marine biology, dating all the way back to 2005.

    30. Science Daily : One of the leading science sites, they have a section just for marine biology. You can get the latest headlines in research, findings, and more. There are also links to many expert videos.

    31. Carl Safina : Carl shares his research and deep water discoveries through this blog. Recent entries were on how marine biology effects albatrosses and the world’s first shark sanctuary.

    32. Ocean Edge : Steve Roper is part of Ocean’s Edge, a travel and conservation agency with an emphasis on marine biology. Learn about where they have been and are going on the blog. There is also more information on what they do on the site.

    33. The Beagle Project : A group of scientists attempt to recreate Darwin’s famous voyage by sailing across multiple oceans. The blog is full of updates on their progress, along with scientific thoughts. There are also audio and video resources.

    34. : Erich has spent much of his life on or near the sea, working with whales and dolphins. He also gives talks and has written various books on the subject of marine biology. Visit his blog for an expert opinion and more.

    35. Marine Biological Laboratory : Based in Massachusetts, this laboratory has been in operation since 1888. The publications section of the site has all sorts of updates on their research and findings. You can also get many other marine biology resources.

    36. RTSea Blog : Follow this blog as it keeps an eye on nature. Particular focus is given to open communication and protecting natural resources. A recent entry was on shark conservation.

Top Marine Biology Conservation Blogs

If you are more interested on what you can do to preserve marine life and the oceans, check out these marine biology blogs.

    37. Thriving Oceans : S.W. Artis founded this non-profit conservation organization in 2003. Over the years it evolved into a standalone website designed to bring ocean news, opinions, facts, conservation efforts, and research in blog format. Entries are often on a specific form of marine life such as Crown of Thorns and Parrotfish.

    38. The Beacon : The Oceana organization strives to protect the world’s oceans. The blog is about the latest ocean news, policy, and science. The most viewed entry is on sound, the brain, and ocean waves.

    39. Ocean Conservancy : This advocacy organization is located in Washington, D.C. In addition to fun facts and press releases, you can also get updates on their progress. There is also a link to their YouTube channel with impressive videos.

    40. Coastal Voices : A community of bloggers post on the marine biology and other issues that affect oceans locally and globally. Subjects include research, marine planning, coral expeditions, and more. A recent entry was on the history of progress.

    41. Sea Notes : Part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, they hope to inspire conservation of the oceans. Interests include penguins, sharks, sea otters, seahorses, kelp forests, and various forms of marine biology life. A recent post was on how their penguin population is growing.

    42. WaterNotes : Sarah is an environmental educator who has researched and worked in various aquariums and published several books on the topic of marine biology. Her blog is on anything green, marine, and conservation. A recent entry was on what she would do with a Hammerhead Shark.

    43. Fake Plastic Fish : This blog is named after the notion that if our oceans continues to fill with plastic, the fake fish will be the only ones left. Posts are often on viable alternatives to plastic. The blogger even keeps track of her own plastic waste, with impressive results.

    44. Marine Conservation News : The Marine Conservation Biology Institute strives to protect ocean life through science and conservation advocacy. A community of bloggers post on their progress. Recent entries include a five point plan to turn back the tide.

    45. Malaria, Bedbugs, Sealice, and Sunsets: Rick does his part to preserve ocean biodiversity while advancing his “vast left wing conspiracy and queer, godless agenda.” Topics include coral reefs, sustainability, and much more. A recent entry took a look at the size and impact of large cruise ships.

Top Marine Biology Specialty Blogs

Get the best of the rest in these marine biology blogs.

    mediaphotobucketcom46. Scuba Diver Girls : If you want to start seeing marine biology up close and personal, take a look at this blog. A group of female bloggers post on their aquatic adventures and give useful tips. Blog posts are often videos of their expeditions.

    47. Penguin Wonderings : This blogger brings ocean tidbits and musings. Blog posts are often on marine biology topics of interest. Penguins and a variety of other marine life are included.

    48. The Turtle Hospital : This blog is dedicated to helping sea turtles survive. Learn how you can help, or check out the latest blog post. You can even adopt a turtle or view the webcam.

    49. Dolphin Research Center : The DRC is a nonprofit marine mammal education and research facility located in the heart of the fabulous Florida Keys.The blog is full of updates on births, updates, and more. You can also visit the main site for more information.

    50. The Digital Cuttlefish : A marine biology blog with a versical twist. Blog posts range from everything from poetry to politics. You can even find the collected works of the blog in print.

Kids, students, adults, and plain old fans can find tons to read up on and share with the above top 50 marine biology blogs. They are also useful for increasing your knowledge, planning your next vacation, or learning how to make a difference.

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