50 Best Twitter Feeds To Stay On Top Of Green News

With the green movement consistently gaining momentum thanks to the passionate efforts of activists worldwide, those interested in learning more about its philosophies and applications desire to dig up as many news stories as possible. Fortunately for them, a wide variety of mainstream and independent media outlets, individuals, communities and businesses keep running Twitter feeds to keep audiences updated about the progress of every environmentalist element available. Microblogging formats such as the ubiquitous blue, bird-themed juggernaut allow for fans of the green movement to browse the latest headlines quickly and efficiently. From there, they can zero in on the ones that pique their interest most and move on to the corresponding articles.

1.) TreeHugger.com

The official Twitter feed of the deservedly popular TreeHugger.com directs back to the site’s fantastic content and encourages discussions on environmental topics.

2.) World Wildlife Fund

One of the largest and most well-respected conservation organizations on the planet, the World Wildlife Fund keeps its Twitter followers updated regularly on its causes and research.

3.) PlanetGreen.com

PlanetGreen.com’s dedicated team tweets advice about living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle as well as timely news on the latest relevant issues.

4.) usgbc

The United States Green Building Council is responsible for certifying architectural projects all over the world as in compliance with specific green standards.

5.) New England Aquarium

Animal lovers curious to know what sort of fun and charitable conservationist causes the New England Aquarium is promoting for the planet would do well to keep up with their Twitter feed.

6.) Greenpeace

Environmental juggernaut Greenpeace keeps a lively microblog on the latest stories and issues that have massive repercussions on keeping Earth safe and healthy.

7.) Preston

Jetson Green’s official Twitter facilitates conversations and alerts readers regarding new blog posts on serious environmental topics.

8.) WDCS

Animal lovers with a soft spot for cetaceans will love keeping up with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society’s efforts to keep their populations plentiful and healthy.

9.) Digg Environment

Find out what news stories fellow green supporters deem the most important using Digg’s user-generated news aggregator.

10.) Wendy Koch

USA Today reporter Wendy Koch tweets the latest headlines and major news stories of particular interest to the green community.

11.) GreenChange

GreenChange specifically targets environmental activists, tailoring their content to promote “peace, justice [and] democracy” alongside eco-friendly initiatives.

12.) Nature Conservancy

Follow the environmental movement through a prism of conservation and issues directly impacting nature.

13.) Green

The New York Times Green section does exactly what one would expect from a news feed boasting such nomenclature.

14.) HuffPost Green

Huffington Post’s official Twitter feed for environmental news and lifestyle updates constantly throughout the day, usually with headlines but occasionally facilitating conversations as well.

15.) Rainforest Action

Learn all about the environmental, social and political issues that surround rainforest usage and preservation through this informative Twitter.

16.) sustainablog

Jeff McIntire-Strasburg dedicates his microblog to news, views and research regarding how to live a sustainable lifestyle in order to lessen the negative impact of the latest environmental issues.

17.) Yahoo! Green

Internet giant Yahoo! hosts its very own microblog concerned with tweeting the latest news stories on climate, nature and sustainability.

18.) Ecological Society

The Ecological Society of America updates readers regularly on the latest research and headlines concerning the health and safety of planet Earth.

19.) U.S. EPA

America’s official environmental agency owns no less than 18 different Twitter feeds, allowing users to pick and choose which ones post up news stories that interest or impact them most.

20.) TheGreenGirls.com

Female empowerment meets sustainability on this fun feed, which tweets blog posts and conversations on environmental matters and current events.

21.) ecochildsplay

For updates on the newest philosophies and products of interest to parents hoping to raise children in a green household, ecochildsplay is the Twitter feed to follow.

22.) Steffany Boldrini

Steffany Boldrini’s informative videos review all the newest green products on the market in order to help consumers know what to buy and what to avoid.

23.) WiserEarth

Check out Peggy Duvette’s tweets on the most current happenings in the vast community of social media enthusiasts who enjoy binding together in the interest of saving the planet.

24.) Guardian Environment

Another journalistic juggernaut dedicates an entire microblog to posting and discussing their latest headlines of particular interest to the green movement.

25.) Green Energy News

Discovering renewable, clean, reliable and safe sources of energy stands as one of the core goals of the environmental movement, and this excellent Twitter keeps visitors updated on all the latest developments within the industry.

26.) Guardian Environment

Look over The Guardian’s latest headlines on environmental news and views from around the world.

27.) The Climate Desk

A diverse selection of journalists converge to discuss new findings and trends regarding climate change.

28.) Grist.com

Seattle-based Grist.com hopes to stand on the precipice of environmental reporting, providing visitors with discussions in addition to news stories.

29.) National Wildlife

3 different National Wildlife Federation members tweet about the organization’s conservation efforts in addition to relevant articles on current events.

30.) Sierra Club

This wildlife protection charity has been active for 1892, and has transitioned into the Internet Age with its own website and microblog to discuss both environmental headlines and their own activities.

31.) ecosalon

The plentiful Twitter feeds affiliated with ecosalon offer up a great forum for discussing the latest news and events regarding green initiatives.

32.) Hank Green

Gadget junkies with a love of both technology and the environment should stay tuned for new products and findings on how to resign their 2 passions.

33.) MotherNatureNetwork

Mother Nature Network concerns itself with not only the environment, but related issues such as supporting local food as well.

34.) CNN Green

CNN’s eco-minded Twitter emphasizes green news, with particular attention paid to anything regarding the climate change controversy.

35.) wendmagazine

Environmental enthusiasts who lust for adventure, travel and activism compliant with green standards will love reading Wend Magazine’s articles.

36.) Twilight Earth

Adam Shake at Twilight Earth presents current event articles for the green community to discuss and debate.

37.) Karl Burkart

This Twitter feed discusses environmental and technology news, making it a nice “one-stop shop” for fans of both.

38.) ecomagination

GE’s green Twitter does not attract a plethora of followers compared to the others on this list, but it is worth reading for the latest news on their attempts to “clean up their act,” so to speak.

39.) Terrence Murray

Anyone curious about the newest developments in finding viable, green energy sources needs to subscribe to Terrence Murray’s microblog.

40.) NatureNews

Nature, a scientific journal focusing on exactly what its name implies, tweets some excellent green and conservation articles on a daily basis.

41.) TheDailyGreen.com

Consumer decisions drive green initiatives, and this great Twitter feed and website provide the latest information on deciding what eco-friendly products to purchase.

42.) Iconic88

Much like Digg Environment, this news aggregator pieces together stories from across the web in order to give readers a diverse selection of perspectives to consider.

43.) ENN News

ENN’s microblog tweets headlines and links to its news stories regarding green initiatives and lifestyle as well as sustainability and political issues.

44.) Green Forum

Meet with like-minded environmentalism supporters for lively discussions on the latest news and views from around the green community.

45.) Green Meme

Another green news aggregator, which compiles headlines from all over the internet and condenses them into one handy reference.

46.) quippd Environment

Read links and retweets to articles across the web that specifically cater to the needs of those looking for the latest news on green lifestyles, politics, sciences and more.

47.) Steve Momorella

Stay current with green business news through Steve Momorella’s Twitter, which focuses frequently on stories regarding alternative energy.

48.) ReutersGreenBusiness

Reuters keeps an extremely lively feed that keeps readers up-to-date with all the newest trends and ideas related to eco-friendly business practices.

49.) Earth2Tech

The news stories tweeted by Earth2Tech revolve mainly around the cleantech industry and the people and businesses that keep it propelling ever forward.

50.) SmartPlanet

Sponsored by IBM, SmartPlanet covers general green news stories that tend to veer more towards the technical and scientific ends of the spectrum.

Adherents to the green movement need look no further than Twitter to browse the most current information regarding their philosophies and practices. With the microblogging interface, they can easily and conveniently discover the stories that cater to their needs and interests most.

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