Time’s Are A Changin’… Global Warming Incorporated Into Educational Curriculum

Global warming is a threat that’s looming large, and if something is not done to stop this juggernaut, the world as we know it will cease to exist. As man continues to indiscriminately use up the earth’s natural resources, as more and more industries contribute to pollution, as trees are cut down with no thought to the part they play in reducing the effect of greenhouse gases, voices are being raised to raise awareness about the ill-effects that are being and will be caused by global warming.

But in spite of the obvious signs – the unusually strong hurricanes that shattered coastal USA, the unexpected tsunami that wreaked havoc on most of Asia, the changing patterns of El Nino, the rapidly expanding hole in the ozone layer – mankind is not prepared to take the threat seriously. The only way we can make a positive change is to educate students, those still in school so that they’re both young enough for the news to be effective and old enough to be able to understand, and make them realize that something must be done to combat this universal problem.

Ventura County, California, is set to perform the role of the stage for the local teenagers as they attempt to educate their fellow citizens on the dangers of the rising sea, another phenomenon attributed to none other than global warming. The Sea Level Awareness Project, which is the initiative of the group that calls itself Kids Vs Global Warming, will set up a series of ten 8-foot poles along the ground between the pier and a place called the Surfer’s Point, to illustrate that rising temperatures are going to cause the water to rise 23 feet above sea level.

The architect of this project is Alec Loorz, all of 14 years old and already an expert on the subject of global warming. Together with 35 fellow students of the Ventura Charter School of Arts and Global Education and the added efforts of the Ventura Unified School District’s Open Classroom program, Loorz is hoping to convince people that it’s time to make some significant changes.

Will the voices of the young, when raised in unison to emphasize the changes in our lifestyle we need to implement, be heard loud and clear or will they be drowned out by the tall waves that they hope to raise awareness about in the first place? Time will tell!

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