50 Awesome Blogs for Astronomy Buffs

Ever since the advent of humanity, people have turned their attentions skyward and attempted to make sense of the celestial bodies that populated the heavens. Astronomy continues to fascinate even those who do not elect to work in the field, and these hobbyists devote much of their time to learning about (if not using!) the technologies needed to explore the universe both on Earth and floating about in the inky blackness of outer space. The following blogs keep feet on the ground and heads in the sky when it comes to stimulating the celestial passions of professionals, amateurs, or a combination of the two.

1. NASA Blogs : Astronomy buffs will go over the moon (har dee har) for the various blogs available through NASA’s official site, which covers a wide array of their current projects and findings.

2. NASA Watch : NASA fans operate this informative blog with the intention of encouraging Americans to become better aware of the organization’s happenings and operations.

3. Bad Astronomy : Discover Magazine’s Bad Astronomy blog extends its focus to the subject as well as its impact on periphery industries.

4. The Planetary Society : The Planetary Society dedicates itself to bringing astronomy to the masses, with articles on everything from exploration to advocacy to the science.

5. Astronomy Blog : Anyone curious about astronomy in the UK and America would do well to stop by this incredibly informative blog on the scientific observations and the technologies that made them possible.

6. Sky this Week : Amateur astronomer Vern Raben shares his hobby with readers interested in what they can see when they look to the skies in any given week of the year.

7. Astroblog : Ian Musgrave’s passion for the cosmos shines through in the Astroblog, which provides a wealth of content on anything and everything that floats about the heavens.

8. Star Stryder : Fans of astronomy’s more scientific and technological facets would do well to explore Dr. Pamela L. Gay’s awesome blog and podcast.

9. SarahAskew : Though she keeps a somewhat general blog, Sarah Kendrew writes frequently about her academic work in astronomy – enough to make her a finalist in the 2010 Blogging Research Awards!

10. Tom’s Astronomy Blog : Follow all the latest news on astronomical discoveries and technological advances that contribute to mankind’s never-ending quest to understand the universe.

11. The Spacewriter’s Ramblings : Bookmark The Spacewriter’s Ramblings to receive regular updates on the ever-changing science of outer space.

12. Skymania News : In addition to keeping up with the latest research and developments in the space industry, Skymania News also loves to dish out advice to backyard astronomers who want to know how to best appreciate the heavens.

13. top of the lawn : Though focusing on what he and his family observe in Central Park, hobbyist astronomers still have plenty to appreciate when it comes to Peter Tagatac’s endearing blog.

14. Orbiting Frog : Cardiff University PhD candidate may be studying how stars come into being, but his blog covers a broad spectrum of interesting astronomical topics.

15. Astropixie : Not every post at Amanda Bauer’s blog revolves around astronomy, but she boasts enough quality and quantity to be listed.

16. The e-Astronomer : Travel the furthest corners of the universe without ever having to leave the internet with University of Edinburgh astronomy professor Andy Lawrence.

17. Universe Today : Astronomy buffs both professional and amateur need to bookmark Universe Today for a comprehensive look at all the news and views that shape mankind’s forays into outer space.

18. astronomy cmarchesin : Pulling from an impressive array of sources, Claudio Marchesin writes about the technology and science behind the cosmos – including some excellent and vivid pictures along the way.

19. Megan’s Blog : It may get a little too technical for hobbyist astronomers, but Megan’s Blog offers up some great reading for the professionals and advanced amateurs.

20. WillGater.com : Stop by astronomy writer Will Gater’s blog for dramatic photos and excellent observations on the science and technology of the cosmos.

21. Astronomy Picture of the Day : In case the title was not enough of a tip-off, Astronomy Picture of the Day posts a stunning astronomy picture every day.

22. In the Dark : Read all about the physics and theories that may or may not keep the universe moving while looking at some interesting charts and dramatic photos of deep space.

23. Women In Astronomy : Because the sciences tend towards sporting predominately male professionals, the women tend to find their work unfairly overshadowed and marginalized. Fortunately, there is at least one blog out there to let them discuss their own astronomical research and observations.

24. The AstroDyke : Astronomy and its intersections with politics and gender and LGBT issues gets covered with great insight at The AstroDyke.

25. Cumbrian Sky : Eager backyard astronomers yearning to know what sort of exciting cosmic displays the universe has in store will greatly appreciate this fun, completely accessible blog.

26. The Astronomist : If physics sends an excited tingle up and down the spinal column, then click on the hot little link and browse The Astronomist’s excellent content.

27. Exploding Galaxies and other Catastrophysics : Dave Strickland’s blog caters towards the more math-inclined astronomy buffs out there, paying close attention to gases and stars that go boom.

28. Where the Sun hits the sky : Phillip Stobbart is an astrophysicist who blogs about anything and everything related to his field with the hope of offering eclectic content for an equally eclectic audience.

29. systemic : Visitors to systemic can read about how planets form and affect one another in addition to downloading a console to find out where each of them “live” in the universe.

30. Supernova Condensate : Enjoy engaging posts about astrochemistry, stars, planets, and other exciting objects that populate the wondrous cosmos.

31. we are all in the gutter : 4 well-rounded astronomers rove about the world and blog about all things astronomical along the way.

32. Andrew Jaffe: Leaves on the Line : Along with discussions of astrophysics and cosmology, Andrew Jaffe also blogs about politics, art, music, academia, and other sciences.

33. One Astronomer’s Noise : Outer space makes noises. Many, many noises that Nicole Gugliucci attempts to decipher in order to learn more about this crazy little thing called the universe.

34. Professor Astronomy : No matter one’s familiarity with the subject, there is at least one article to understand and appreciate at Professor Astronomy.

35. Cosmic Variance : Another blogging adventure courtesy of Discover, Cosmic Variance features a nice diverse group of physicists and astrophysics weighing in on a number of scientific and non-scientific issues.

36. 365 Days of Astronomy : Receive a daily dosage of astronomy news and views in the form of a podcast or the transcripts available on the blog.

37. Slacker Astronomy : Both a podcast and a blog, Slacker Astronomy has plenty for visitors to explore and enjoy when it comes to learning as much as they can about the cosmos.

38. HobbySpace : HobbySpace hopes to make the frequently confusing technical elements of space travel, astrophysics, astronomy, astrochemistry, and cosmology accessible to a general audience.

39. Space Politics : Aficionados of the astronomical will very much appreciate having a blog to reference when it comes to all the latest news, views, and policies that directly impact space travel and exploration.

40. John’s Space/Astronomy Blog : John Millis blogs for About.com’s Space/Astronomy portal, with plenty of photos and news stories that appeal to a wide audience.

41. Astronomy.com blog : Astronomy magazine’s official blog carries over the same intelligent content as the print edition, delivering a nice mix of different space-related subjects.

42. Bellaire Astronomy Blog : Texas’s Bellaire High School blog makes a great starting point for students and beginners hoping to learn a little more at the topic.

43. Visual Astronomy : This excellent blog by Sean Welton targets his fellow amateur astronomers and covers a nice range of subjects pertaining to the hobby.

44. Sidewalk Universe: Bringing The Cosmos To The Walkways Below : Amateur astronomer Richard Smith harbors a real passion for exploring the universe from the comfort of his own yard and hopes to spread the love to his readers.

45. Online Masters Degree : Online Masters Degree’s blog and website both want the general public to become better engaged and educated in space exploration and technology.

46. One-Minute Astronomer : One-Minute Astronomer’s content appeals mainly to those who love the idea of watching celestial bodies and learning about the history of mankind’s relationship with the cosmos right at home.

47. The Urban Astronomer : Many amateur astronomers complain that the lights of their city preclude them from enjoying the night sky, but Paul Salazar has plenty of useful strategies to help them get the views they want.

48. Nite Sky Girl : One astronomer still enjoys the simple pleasures of observing the stars and planets from her own backyard, making her expert advice easy to understand for the novice.

49. Astroengine.com : Astroengine.com covers a wide variety of cosmological topics, including debunking pseudoscience and conspiracy theories.

50. Cosmic Log : MSN’s Alan Boyle blogs almost everything regarding space exploration and discoveries from programs all over the world.

Astronomy lovers hoping to educate themselves on all that burns, boils, and bounces about the universe will very much appreciate the treasure trove of information available on the previously listed blogs. Whether they want the basics of pulsars or advanced inquiries into physics and chemistry, they can easily find what they need to push their knowledge of the universe and its machinations that much further.

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