50 Fun (and Free) Engineering Games Anyone Can Play

If you have a love of engineering, a little time, and no money, there are options for you. The internet comes through again in these 50 fun and free engineering games anyone can play. Give a try to help improve your drawing, math, logic, and more.

Fun Drawing Games Anyone Can Play

Because it all starts with pen and paper, check out these free, online drawing games. They can help you design, sketch, or have loads of fun.

    1. Google SketchUp : Anyone from engineers to architects to kids will enjoy this tool from Google. SketchUp 7 can create, modify, and share 3D models at no cost. Users of SketchUp can enter a model competition, get tips from the community, and take a tour. There is also a paid pro version with more features.

    2. iSketch : A multiplayer game, points are given when correctly answering what the sketch is. When it is your turn to draw, you also get points for having multiple people answer correctly. Choose from level of difficulty, or you can even make your own custom room. Studio mode helps you practice outside of the game.

    3. Pictionary : If you are an engineer who loves the old school Nintendo game, click here. The website features the original Pictionary game. It even allows you to turn your keyboard into the beloved square controller.

    4. XSketch : Why do well in this game? Because the top leaders are featured right on the homepage. Similar to the other guess-my-picture games, there are also other features. The standout one is the tournaments.

    5. Draw My Thing : Similar to the above, this multiplayer game has you drawing and guessing. You can also make friends on the site and keep track of who is playing what. Another cute feature is a live tracker of how many games have been played and hours wasted.

    6. Draw It : If you never thought Post-Its could help your drawing, stop here. The stickies and other tools are used to create drawings. Play a quick game or register to play with more options.

    7. Free Rider 2 : Use your drawing skills to navigate a bike rider through custom courses. Create your own or try one from one of the other players. A good choice if not in the mood for a multiplayer game.

    8. Art Pad : Not necessarily a game, you can still hone your drawing skills here while having fun. Only a mouse and some imagination are required. You can also view others works or hand yours in the gallery.

Fun Engineering Tools Anyone Can Use

These tools can be fun whether drawing a moustache on something you shouldn’t or trying your hand at an engineering task.

    9.  Quikmaps.com : This free tool allows you to create a map, get a link, and post it on your site. Sign up with a permanent id to save and edit maps after closing your browser. You can also use markers, title it, and add other information.

    10.  Scriblink : Because whiteboards can be expensive and bulky, stop here. The site will give you a free virtual one to use as you like. You can also save, print, and send your whiteboards.

    11. WebSketch : If you need a simple sketching tool, stop here. Feature include pencil, brush, layers, and more.

    12. Pencil : Just like it sounds, this site gives you a free, online pencil for engineers or anyone else who needs one. It lets you create hand drawn images using bitmap and vector graphics. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    13. Qbesq : Remember that old drawing tool you used as a child? It was called an arabesque and is available for free here. Recapture your youth for fun or engineering purposes here.

    14. Aviary : No need to spend loads of money on a photo editing software. Stop here to get the basic photo tools for the best price: free. The include image, effects, color, and many other tools.

    15. Live Canvas Sketchpan : Sketch, drawing, animation, and collaborative are just some of the tools available on this site. The usual ability to display and critique are also included. You can also look at the best reviewed drawings.

Fun Engineering Games to Play

You don’t have to be an engineer to play these games, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

    16. Engineering.com : This massive engineering site also contains both games and puzzles. Popular choices include Ice Breaker, Civiballs, and Picma. There are also several engineering themed challenges to take a crack at.

    17. TryEngineering : Sometimes the best way to understand what engineers do is to try your hand at it. This site offers several engineering games on the internet to give you a first hand try at the problem solving skills engineers employ every day. Choose from four different games including a bionic arm design challenge.

    18. Fantastic Contraception : Stop here for a fun, online physics puzzle game. The goal is to get a circle inside a box using various engineering tools. Many levels and difficulties are included.

    19. Xtreme Engineering : This fun engineering game is provided by the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In it, you challenge the computer to a box style game. Strategy and patience are required.

    20. Gears of Doom : The only thing certain about this game is death. Use the left and right keys to rotate the maze and guide a ball towards the exit. Engineers will enjoy this fight against gravity.

    21. Tetris : One of the original engineering games, arrange various blocks into patterns to survive. In an inevitable update, this site has many different Tetris games to choose from. Hot games include Rally 8 and Battle 6.

    22. Discover Engineering : You don’t have to be a younger engineer to enjoy these games, anyone can play. Games include Questioneering, First Flight, and others. There are also engineer biographies and downloads.

    23. Thinking Games : Engineers from kindergarten through sixth grade can stop here for engineering games. Botz requires that a virtual robot be programmed to solve puzzles and even compete against each other. There are also other tools and games to choose from.

    24. Time Engineers : This software teaches engineering, science, and math without leaving the fun of gaming behind. Students travel in a cool time machine to three different time periods and encounter typical engineering problems to be solved. You can even try the demo for free.

Fun Math Games Anyone Can Play

Engineers, students, and more can use these games to learn math, improve their abilities, and have extra fun with bragging rights.

    25. Cool Math Games : Kids of all ages can stop here for fun math games. They range from classic math to puzzles. You can also get lesser known ones such as Bloons Tower Defense and Parking Mania.

    26. Problem Solving Games : Lumosity is a leading site to train the brain. Simply sign up for a registration to begin. Chalkboard Challenge is useful for engineers, along with many other related games.

    27. Fun Brain Games : Another brain training site, games are free to play with a sign up. The math test contains 20 questions of multiple choices about algebra, fraction, geometry and arithmetic in general. There are also speed, thinking, memory, and many other games.

    28. Math Challenge Game : Stardoll is a game where you can use celebrities as virtual paper dolls to dress up. Surprisingly, there is also a math challenge game included on the site. Simple, multiple choice questions are asked and it is a great way to warm up your math if it embarrasses you.

    29. Challenge Question: Trigonometry : This British professor poses a difficult trig question on YouTube. It is a tricky A-level math question in which you are asked to prove that tan 50 = tan 40 +2tan 10

    30. Beerbelly’s Math Challenge : This YouTube user shares a math challenge with anyone who views it. Solve the riddle of a spider’s web using your knowledge. It had better be good because the answer is not given.

    31. Sports Equation : If you love sports and hate math, try this challenge. ESPN reports on a teacher who uses both to teach math. Learn more about the fun process or visit the site.

    32. Math Contest Home : Columbus State University provides these free and fun games for everyone. Choose from problem of the week, algebra in action, and more. The Challenge Mode also features some of the more difficult problems.

    33. A Plus Math : Younger players will enjoy these math games. They include Math-o, Hidden Picture, and Planet Blaster. There are also flashcards and worksheets.

    34. Card Counting : Engineers and other math lovers can make Blackjack extra fun by winning. With the help of this card counting game from USA, you don’t have to be an MIT grad to break the casinos. Over five levels teach you how.

Collaborative Engineering Games Anyone Can Play

Get together with other engineers or anyone else with the help of the below.

    35. Rate My Drawings : This online drawing community offers draw online, chat, competitions, and tutorials. You can also view or display your very own collections. There are hundreds of people online at nearly any given time to help.

    36. iScribble : This is an online art and drawing website where people from all over the world can work on a drawing at the same time. The interactive canvases allow users to draw pictures using a mouse or graphic tablet. Finished drawings can be published in the gallery where they are commented and rated by the users in our community. It’s a great place for both beginners and more demanding users.

    37. 2draw.net : Stop here for another place that gives you free digital drawing tools to draw online. Engineers can create art, collaborate, and critique online. There is also a Facebook tool for displaying your work.

    38. Drawing Day : This site has a tagline of “drop everything and draw.” Held every summer, participants do just that and display their works. Learn more by visiting.

    39. River Crossing Game : Grab the whole family to see who can solve this game first. Family members must cross the bridge in a certain order to complete. Knowledge of Chinese is helpful.

    40. Understanding and Engineering : If gaming is your engineering profession, take a look at this book from Wiley. It draws together and illustrates the overlapping and interacting technical concerns of networking and online games. Available for $110.

    41. EngNet : Although technically not a game, engineers and those interested in it can find loads of tools to play with and figure out. They include charts, clocks, conversions, and more. There are also many other resources for engineers here.

    42. Web Canvas : Finally, don’t let the above keep you from getting in touch with your artistic side. This massive painting has been going for a long time. People from all over the world have contributed to it and you can watch or chime in yourself.

Other Fun Games Anyone Can Play

Engineers, artists, game lovers, and more will enjoy the below.

    43. Sketchcast : Think your hands are the only thing you can draw with? Think again. This site allows you to sketch something with your voice. Other traditional sketching tools are also available.

    44. BeFunky : Ever wonder what that sketch would look like as a cartoon? Then stop here to get 147 effects to do just that. Also useful with photos and is completely free.

    45. Viscosity : If engineering is your strength, click here. Viscosity is a free art tool that can have you getting in touch with your creative side making images that look impressive. Four types of brushes, multiple colors, and more combine for must see works.

    46. Mai’Nada : Not enough engineering comics out there? Then use this fun comic creating game to make your own. They also feature artists regularly.

    47. Addicting Games : This site is well known for featuring just that. Engineers will enjoy Demolition City and The World’s Hardest Game. There are also puzzles, strategy games, and more.

    48. Puzzle Games : Another leading game site, Pogo has a special section with loads of puzzles to choose from. Popular choices include Pop It! and Majong. You can also choose from word, board, casino, and many other games.

    49. Logic Games : Another must for engineers, these games help work on your logic while having gun. Puzzle Freaks and Stoneage Same are impressive looking entries. There are also tons of other types of games to choose from.

    50. Shockwave : Too many engineering games leaving you with too little time? There’s a game for that. In fact, at this site there are several games that focus solely on time management.

Math skills, drawing, art, and much more are built with the above 50 fun and free engineering games anyone can play. Be sure and grab a buddy, fellow student, or family member to maximize both the fun and learning.

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